Three kinds of payment through the generational-contract allow three principles of freedom in and after your studies. “The members of the StudierendenGesellschaft consider it a joint task that the preconditions ensuring the freedom and quality of education at the University of Witten/Herdecke be preserved and further developed.” Excerpt from the preamble in the constitution of the StudierendenGesellschaft of May 25th, 1995

Our model is based on the following principles:


Principle of Free Access to Higher Education

The University selects its own students according to personality, area of subject interest and motivation. This selection must occur irrespective of an applicant’s financial background. The free choice of all applicants to make their financial contribution after or during their course of study is in keeping with this principle.


Principle of Independent Study Organization

Students are entitled to exercise their personal independence and responsibility in designing their own course of study, without limitation due to having to make a financing contribution. Economization of one’s education – a principle by which financial necessity restricts the time a person is allowed to study – is not adequate to this entitlement. Paying a fixed amount while one is still in school is an expression of this principle.


Principle of Free Choice of a Professional Career

All graduates should be entitled to choose what profession they take up freely. Such a choice must not be limited by a set mountain of debt. This principle is reflected in payment later according to one’s income; i.E., once you have completed your education, you contribute what you can, based on your financial capacity.