The idea: study first, pay later.

The Reverse Generational Contract (RGC, in German “Umgekehrter Generationenvertrag (UGV)”) is a financing model which decouples your time of study from the time paying tuitions: If you wish, SG will pay your tuition fees while you are studying. After graduation and once you start earning money, you will repay a certain percentage proportionate to your personal income back to the community. That’s how we ensure that you can study in Witten independently of your financial background.

The RGC is…

…income-related & solidarity

You only pay, if you can afford it: After graduation and accordingly of your individual capacity to pay. More concretely this means: Your repayments adapt to the amount of your future income. Is your income below a specific limit, you don’t pay back anything. Is your income by contrast particularly high, you pay back a bit more and support thereby the next student generation.


The RGC enables Three principles, for which the SG acts as a guardian:

Freier Zugang zum StudiumFree access to higher education: With the RGV you can study independently of your financial background at Witten/ Herdecke University. You can decide whether you want to pay your tuitions during or after your studies.

Freier Gestaltung des StudiumsFree composition of studies: You only pay tuitions for the standard study period. This means that if you take more time for studying, you don’t pay more. In this way, the RGC counters a shortening of studies through financial constraints.

Free choice of professional career: In contrast to a conventional loan, you don’t have a fixed debt burden or fixed a repayment schedule. Since your repayment dependents on the amount of your income, you can choose what kind of job you want to take up freely.

…successful since 1995

This innovative financing model was invented by students of Witten/Herdecke University. Since its implementation, the studies of 2700 were successfully financed through the RGC.


With the RGC we, as students, contribute to more educational justice and more equal opportunity:

Studies in Witten are not a matter of money!