The financial contributions from the students serve for a sustainable safeguard and lasting preservation of Witten/Herdecke University. This system can support the idea of the “Private Universität Witten/Herdecke gGmbH” but is subject to the financial possibilities as well as the esteem from the students for their University, however, does not cover the extent of the taken services. Effectively the members of the StudierendenGesellschaft unite in a supportive society to support each other while keeping the three principles.

The calculation of the amount to be paid immediately is done based on the previously set amount to be repaid later (repayment duration + percentage). To do this, the StudierendenGesellschaft consults the income information of all those who repay after graduation. Data from pay statements of these alumni are averaged to obtain the average income of a graduate from Witten/Herdecke from a particular program. When determining a contribution to be paid immediately, the fixed percentage is applied to ascertain the average income projected for the future, which in turn is applied to/discounted from the current normal period it takes to complete a course of study.

Thus the amount to be paid while enrolled at UW/H is proportionate to the projected average income of its graduates. As a consequence, a differentiation in the contributions is based on the same percentage and duration of repayment for all courses of study and resulting from different amounts of income. The data used to calculate the average income are regularly updated and adjusted based on the data of the most recent graduates. Payments to be made during enrollment are always compared with the actual income of UW/H graduates and updated.